NDIS Service Bookings

If you have multiple participants with us, or are entering multiple providers, contact us for a ‘request to allocate funds’ form to save you time. Email us at cossupport@peakplan.com.au to request the form, or for more information.

As a Plan Manager, we are unable to create service bookings for individual providers in Proda. Instead, we create them internally on our software



If we haven’t paid you before we are unable to enter a service agreement until this happens.

You can fast track this process by following this link.


Please note that Proda currently does not allow for the allocation of funds at the individual provider level. In order to assist with planning, our software has been developed to allow Peak Plan Management to allocate funds for specific providers based on signed service agreements returned to us. A completed form is required to facilitate this. As there are many events that can change the amount of funding available, this is not a guarantee that funds will be available. We will not accept any liability for any overspending in the participant’s plan. If a plan review occurs, you will need to send a new form as a new service agreement will need to be created.

When this form is processed on our system, we will inform you if there are insufficient funds.