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How Peak Plan Management works for you.

Plan management is all we do.


With Peak Plan Management you receive advice and support to manage your NDIS Plan funding at no cost to you.

We are independent and focused on providing a service tailored to your individual needs and goals.

You remain in control of your NDIS Plan and choose the service providers you want.

Our Peak Plan Management app and your Personal Plan Manager provide you with full administration and accounting services to manage you NDIS funding.


Our Plan Management team handles the day-to-day administration and accounting that comes with an NDIS plan such as:


Claiming your fund payment via the NDIS online portal for you

Service providers invoice us directly, you don’t have to manage a thing

Managing and paying all invoices so you receive un-interrupted service

Tracking and reporting your fund balance

Providing monthly statements and reports that are clear and easy to read

Keep accurate records of your plan for auditing purposes

A dedicated Personal Plan Manager so you only need to deal with one person

Advice to interpret your plan and your rights so you get the best value from your allocated funds

If you choose an unregistered service provider, we manage the entire administration process

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We have staff in the following locations Cairns, Townsville Melbourne and Ballarat.

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© 2018 Peak Plan Management Pty Ltd trading as Peak Plan Management.

ABN 16 621 969 337

NDIS registration number 4050026475


Privacy Policy   |  Disclaimer   |  Complaints Procedure