Anna Petts

Client Service Manager

Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

What is special and unique about how Plan Managers work and help participants to get the most out of their plans?

As Plan Managers we take away the everyday stress of managing funds and paperwork for participants. Having your NDIS plan managed by a Plan Manager provides participants with knowledge and expertise in getting the most out of their plans and also the flexibility to have choice and control over their providers.

What did you find helped in your previous roles that now makes you a great Plan Manager?

My previous roles involved helping people that have been through trauma of car accidents. I believe the compassion and empathy I provided those people during some of their darkest hours have provided me with knowledge and skills to provide exceptional support to NDIS participants.

How does the teamwork at Peak Plan Management help you deliver positive outcomes for participants?

We always work as a team at Peak Plan Management, sharing knowledge and ideas. Everyone is always there to assist each other when you don’t know an answer to a question. Peak Plan Management go above and beyond to support our NDIS participants.

What makes your role as a Plan Manager so satisfying?

Making a difference to people's lives. I thrive on helping people and hope that through supporting participants with Plan Management helps provide a bit of relief in their lives so they can focus on more important things.

Building trust and feeling comfortable are so important to our participants. What do you offer to make sure this is at the centre of how you deal with people?

I understand that like every plan, every participant is different. Participants aren’t just another number, there is a person at the end of the number and I’m here to listen, help and support them. When they contact me, they get me, not a call centre.