Benny Profile Photo

Benny Malhotra

Client Service Manager

Melbourne North

What is unique about how Plan Managers work and help participants get the most out of their plans?

As Plan Managers, we assist participants by taking care of the financial aspects of their plans by managing their NDIS funds, making payments to all providers on time and keeping records of all services. It allows participants to focus on their goals, knowing we are there to assist them throughout their journey with NDIS.

What skills and experience from your previous roles now make you a great Plan Manager?

Disability is my chosen career path and my past employment assisted me to have a greater understanding of the best ways to support people.

How does the teamwork at Peak Plan Management help you deliver positive outcomes for participants?

I love being part of team at Peak Plan Management. Everyone is so passionate and helpful. The team’s goal is to provide a seamless experience to participants by giving excellent customer service, and we are all willing to go above and beyond to assist our participants.

What makes you role as a Plan Manager so satisfying?

The ability to help people reach their goals in life.

What part of your job makes you most proud?

Building trust and feeling comfortable are so important to participants.

What do you offer to make sure this at the centre of your work?

By listening to participants to better understand their requirements and to be responsive to their queries. I love being part of the team at Peak Plan Management providing one-on-one support to our participants.