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Claire Roberts

Client Service Manager

Illawarra/Shoalhaven, ACT, Sydney South & Southern NSW

0480 235 278

What is unique about how Plan Managers work to help participants get the most out of their plans?

Participants who have plan management are in the unique position of being able to choose suppliers and services that are not registered with the NDIS. This provides opportunity to be more flexible and to be more in control of how funding is spent. Having a Plan Manager gives participants peace of mind, knowing that a professional team will assist them with purchases of goods and services to achieve their goal.

What skills and experience from your previous roles now makes you a great Plan Manager?

I am engaged with the community on many levels and have local knowledge and contacts.

How does the teamwork at Peak Plan Management help you deliver positive outcomes for participants?

Our participants have the benefit of our shared knowledge and longevity working within the NDIS. Sometimes terminology can be overwhelming, as can be changes to the legislation. We are constantly reviewing NDIS changes and adding to our knowledge base.

What makes your role as a Plan Manager so satisfying?

Plan management puts me in a unique position of being able to help people navigate in what can be a confusing journey, especially if this is a participant’s first plan. Having a local person to assist is a plus.

What part of your job makes you most proud?

I assisted a participant whose customised chair had collapsed just before the Easter break. Because of the holiday period, she would have spent days sitting on an uncomfortable chair.  I was able to assist her by working with a provider to get a new chair to her quickly and have the old chair removed from her small apartment.  Everyone involved in this process received an ecstatic message from the participant when she was enjoying her new chair on Good Friday.

Building trust and feeling comfortable are so important to participants. What do you offer to make sure this at centre of how your work?

We go the hard yards to assist our participants, are timely in our responses and follow through with our promises. We are consistent, compassionate, and competent!