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Craig Wright

Client Service Manager

Melbourne West

0480 168 895

What is special and unique about how Plan Managers work and help participants to get the most out of their plans?

As Plan Managers, we have a unique role in making sure our clients can access support and manage their finances as easily as possible.

What did you find helped in your previous roles that now makes you a great Plan Manager?

Respect and the ability to really listen to what people want.

How does the teamwork at Peak Plan Management help you deliver positive outcomes for participants?

Being a dedicated business focused on NDIS plan management, the team puts the participants’ needs at the centre of all our efforts.

What makes you role as a Plan Manager so satisfying?

Making a real difference in participants’ lives and taking steps such as assisting participants to pay quickly for equipment that provides mobility and freedom or helping to navigate a tricky part of the plan involving funding and how it relates to supports.

Is there a time when you felt you have had a significant impact on the life of a Peak Management participant?

The day prior to Christmas, a participant wanted to return home. Their usual transport provider was unsure if they could assist on Christmas day. We made alternative transport arrangements and the participant was able to spend Christmas with his family.

Building trust and feeling comfortable are so important to our participants. What do you offer to make sure this is at the centre of how you deal with people?

Trust is at the heart of our service delivery. Working closely with participants and communicating clearly leads to positive outcomes.