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Hayley Fellowes

Client Service Manager

Western Australia

0490 521 575

What is special and unique about how Plan Managers work to help participants get the most out of their plans?

Plan managers take care of the financial side of participants’ plans; we pay the bills, keep participants updated with their spending and assist with any funding questions. This means participants can focus on getting the best supports in place to meet their needs.

What skills or experiences from your previous roles now make you a great Plan Manager?

I feel it’s very important to listen to my clients and understand their needs. As a Plan Manager I enjoy speaking with participants and working with them and their support team to help to achieve their goals.

How does the teamwork at Peak Plan Management help you deliver positive outcomes for participants?

We have excellent internal communication with a collaborative approach to ensure participants’ plans runs smoothly. Our team is always happy to help and to share our expert knowledge.

What makes you role as a Plan Manager so satisfying?

I enjoy talking with participants, learning about their needs, and assisting them to use the flexibility, choice and control offered by the NDIS framework to achieve their goals.

Is there a time when you felt you have had a significant impact on the life of a Peak Management participant?

It means a lot to me to be there for participants, to check-in and let them know that there is help if needed. Seeing a participant’s first invoice come through and the plan underway makes this such a meaningful job for me.

Building trust and feeling comfortable are so important to our participants. What do you offer to make sure this is at the centre of your work?

It is crucial to listen to participants and understand their requirements. To communicate with participants in the way that best suits them. I always let participants know that we are here to support them.