Support Co-ordinator Help

We value the relationships we have with our Support coordinators.  We are constantly working on ways to make your experience easier, in supporting our mutual clients.


As you know, you can call us and discuss your participants needs and ask general questions anytime. Some of the other features we have in place at the moment to support you are:


Monthly Statements

Monthly Statements that are sent to the Participant/Participant nominee.

These can also be sent to you as well, with the participants consent.


Access our CRM

Real time access to relevant aspects of our CRM database, so that you can see information about the participant in real time.


Service Budgets

Our internal system allows us to make our own service bookings against the participants budget, however we aren’t able to create individual service bookings for specific providers in Proda.  You are able to send the service agreements that you have for your clients and we will quarantine funds for that specific provider. We have also created a standard form that can be used to complete this for multiple providers and participants.  Please email for instructions on how to do this.


Provider Directory

We have set up a provider directory allowing you greater reach to more clients. Please click here to register.

The provider directory allows all service providers to register their services, if they are a provider that we have paid before and we have no actionable complaints.  We are encouraging our participants and support coordinators to look here if they need a support in their area.  Support Co-ordinators will only be added if we have mutual clients.


For more information please visit our Help Centre.



Please note:

You will need to obtain permission from our mutual clients to be added to the monthly statements and to our CRM.


Once this is done you can send an email listing all of our mutual clients to   You will receive an email from our CRM with login instructions.    As we onboard new clients you can use this email address to add clients or remove clients based on your needs.  Please only use this email for these types of requests.

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© 2020 Peak Plan Management Pty Ltd trading as Peak Plan Management.

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