Feedback & Complaints Procedure

Your feedback is important to us. You have the right to make a complaint and you are encouraged to provide suggestions for improvement or express any concerns.

Feedback and Complaints can be provided by anyone. This can include clients, care workers, advocates, family members, nominees, members of the public, stakeholders, suppliers, contractors, and other service providers.

Feedback and Complaints can be submitted anonymously; however, this may impact the ability to respond or report to the complainant on any actions that have been taken in relation to the feedback or complaint.

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide your feedback

  • Face to face
  • Phone 1300 73 23 24
  • Email
  • By letter PO Box 1277 Bakery Hill Vic 3354
  • or any other form the complainant deems appropriate.

Feedback should be Directed to the General Manager.  The General Manager’s role includes the role of Complaints Officer.

Peak Plan Management will:

  • Support NDIS participants to understand their rights and what they should expect of providers.
  • Support NDIS participants to have the confidence to provide feedback or make a complaint when they face issues.
  • Enable other stakeholders to provide feedback and ensure the appropriate action is taken on behalf of the person with a disability and or nominee and provide an escalation pathway, where required.
  • Enables Peak Plan Management to identify systemic issues, make a change and drive continuous improvement.
  • Review and investigate any feedback or complaint received from a participant and or nominee
  • Identify and report on any complaints, feedback or anything that is considered a reportable issue.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the response you have received from Peak Plan Management, you can contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission by:

If you require the assistance of an advocate, you can search for an Advocate on the Disability Advocacy finder to find an organisation near you.