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NDIS Provider Invoice Tips and Tricks

When preparing invoices there are certain items that are required on an invoice in order for it to be paid.  This forms part of our  own internal audit function and NDIS requirements.  Without these items we will not be able to pay your invoice.


Sample Invoices

You can download a perfect example invoice.

 A Link to NDIS Price Guide can be found here.

Download an Example

We appreciate that all businesses have different accounting software but as a minimum the NDIS Support line item must be included.

In addition, ensure that:

•  the participant NDIS number is included.

•  your contact name & email address

• a phone number so we can resolve any issues.


Other Information

If the amount you invoiced is above the amount allowed we will only pay up to the Hourly/Qty Rate allowed.

Different GST rules may apply you should talk to your accountant in regards to this. Click here for more information.


Processing Times

As Accountants and a small business we understand the importance of prompt payment. We generally claim from the NDIS 3 times a week.   As a result in most cases you should expect to be paid in 5 business days assuming your invoice is received in the appropriate format.


Occasionally there are issues, and, in each case, we will endeavour to make contact if there is any delay in payment.

If you haven’t received payment after 10 working days, please contact us.


Please note if it’s the first time we are paying you allow 10 business days.

Example Invoice

Your invoice should include:


Your Business Name

•  Your ABN

•  Client Name

•  Invoice Number

•  Invoice Date

•  Services provided (NDIS Support Line Number is Essential)

•  Service rate or Quantity provided

•  Banking details

•  Email Address for Remittance Advice


Don’t have accounting software you can download a copy of an invoice template in Word.

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© 2018 Peak Plan Management Pty Ltd trading as Peak Plan Management.

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